Collaboration is key to the success of this project, not just with the principle partnership between the scientists and the artist involved, but a true understanding of the wider part that working across disciplines can bring to foster new exciting approaches.

The project will look to gain a common vocabulary; to find a set of words and ideals. We aim to build a language around ethics, meaning and genetic construction using open source visual and audio coding platforms.

We want to use the combined creative power and excellence in the arts and sciences to collaborate and understand better the world around us. By delving into scientific fact and research, challenging perceptions and theories and performing cross disciplinary experiments, we hope to expand the way in which research is represented, and further, add diverse voices to the ongoing conversations around the subject matter. 

Together, we aim to unlock the creative potential of genetics research and to foster curiosity within the biological sciences for furthering the conversation around language, ethics and the arts within gen tech.