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Linda O Keeffe
Tony Doyle
Ashley James Brown

Non-Random is an artist led collective who work at the intersection of arts and science.
We use creative technology and human computer interaction through a visual arts based approach to explore meaningful dialogues around research and arts practices.
Our methodologies and practice cover a wide range of audio visual creative outputs and research from play psychology to data sonification and interactivity using digital and real world processes..

🧬 Evolving Ourselves

Evolving Ourselves with Unnatural Selection is a new collaborative project between Non-Random Collective funded by Creative Scotland, working alongside researchers from the Institute of Genetics and Cancer (IGC) at the University of Edinburgh, and the Biomedical Sciences Research Complex at St Andrews University, Genetic Alliance and Race on the Agenda (ROTA).

The purpose of this Sci-Art R&D project is to make tangible with visible/audible outputs, the ethical implications of emerging technologies in the biological sciences, in particular the field of CRISPR gene editing technology. We will explore and present some of the ethics and future implications of gene editing through a digital multi-arts approach.

Presented primarily via an online digital platform incorporating machine learning techniques and a variety of cutting edge digital arts tools, the project looks at bringing together research, data science, visual arts, sound and language into an experimental toolkit and set of frameworks that presents the project findings to a wider public audience in the shape of playful online interactive interventions.

πŸ› οΈ Current Work

The Evolving Ourselves project fosters an open dialogue between artists, researchers and disabled and excluded voices in the community, that seeks to navigate the ethical, empirical and creative challenges around scientific research, while bringing the artistic outputs into a general public audience's hands for investigation and conversation. We are currently running a series of focus groups with our research partners. These discussions place a focus on giving underrepresented voices in the community a chance to shape and share their experiences through creative artistic expression. We are currently undertaking a series of focus groups with several key participants.

β€œThe power to control our species’ genetic future is awesome and terrifying. Deciding how to handle it may be the biggest challenge we have ever faced.”
― Jennifer A. Doudna

πŸ‘€ Future

Our next stage of development will be the creation of an online interactive experience for people to engage with, this space will allow users the opportunity to engage with the big questions around the future of gene editing technology. This adaptive audio-visual space will be made available for users by the end of July. We will announce the launch of the online space via our social media spaces and our announcement email list; Links are located below.

A Little Bit About Us

Linda O Keeffe

O Keeffe has worked for over two decades as an artist. As a founder of the Women in Sound Women on Sound ( organisation and director of the Full of Noise art organisation, she has worked collaboratively with numerous groups, from disabled artists, to women of colour, alongside other socially excluded groups, she is a proponent of inclusion and collaboration, and more importantly, the need for multidisciplinary processes to examine large societal concerns.

Tony Doyle

Tony is a creative digital artist, with experience ranging across academic work and professional practice. Originally from a pure music background (classical and jazz performance/composition), his practice has become focused on digital arts. Tonys post-doctoral research focused on spatial audio in the area of ambisonics and spectral spatialisation. This included both technical development and compositional output. Since then, his practice has grown to incorporate web technologies, data science and machine learning in the production of creative works.

Ashley James Brown

Ashley is an internationally respected artist and developer based in Coventry UK creating emotive nostalgic experiences using code, electronics and sound. Ashley has over 10 years experience working professionally with a wide variety of cutting edge and non-traditional software and hardware. Within his own practice Ashley explores shared emotive experiences using technology as his medium to create his own digital playgrounds. Involved with mental health organisations and promoting positive social interactions, all his work uses game psychology and game dynamics to immerse audiences and create a sense of ownership and empathy with the experiences.

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