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Here we document all our project findings, news updates and more.

20 September 2021

We are At Edinburgh Explorathon 2021

We are so delightef to be presenting, for the first time, our research so...
31 August 2021

Sound Design for our Biodomes

We’ve been looking at how we can create a soundscape for each of our...
7 July 2021

Finally Getting Together

So we just completed our first residency get together, as a research team, to...
22 June 2021

Three Focus Groups Complete!!!

  We are so happy at this point to have completed three of our...
3 May 2021

Sketching Ideas and Drawings

Learning to Draw the Platonic solids,       For inspiration and to start...
15 April 2021

Developing the Focus Group

Developing the focus group questions We have spent the past two months creating a...
2 March 2021

Science Fact and Fiction

Talking, reading and more talking This project began with a set of objectives, the...