Sound Design for our Biodomes

We’ve been looking at how we can create a soundscape for each of our domes which reflect the themes within. This is quite a difficult concept as we are exploring 5 very complex ideas: curing diseases, eradicating diseases, making a better version of you, editing and adapting species for climate change and resurrecting extinct species. So how do you create a soundscape for these themes in our domes.

Linda has been working with the scenarios we are creating for the final world build as the conceptual starting point for these soundscapes. So, for example, what kind of world do we live in that necessitates editing species to adapt to climate change such as extreme heat or rising sea levels. This helps think of the soundscape of that world. It gets far more conceptual when you start to think about resurrecting species or adapting different species, from animals to plants for space travel.

So here are some samples of the dome soundscapes constructed so far. While listening think about what kind of world this is and how this genetic editing might have shaped this soundscape, or how the sound of this world/dome created the inspiration for the sounds you hear.

Future Human Adaptation


Editing and Adapting Species


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