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Sound Design for our Biodomes

We’ve been looking at how we can create a soundscape for each of our domes which reflect the themes within. This is quite a difficult concept as we are exploring 5 very complex ideas: curing diseases, eradicating diseases, making a better version of you, editing and adapting species for climate change and resurrecting extinct species. So how do you create a soundscape for these themes in our domes. Linda has been working with the scenarios we are creating for the […]

Finally Getting Together

So we just completed our first residency get together, as a research team, to begin to design and develop the next stage of our project, the online interactive questionnaire. We spent three days in a remote location in the Yorkshire Moors talking, walking, eating and working together. It felt both normal and really weird to be in person and not looking at each other on a screen (we hadn’t seen each other IRL for nearly two year, TWO YEARS)… This […]