About the Project

About the Project

Evolving Ourselves with Unnatural Selection is a collaborative research and development project between artists and researchers that will explore and present some of the ethics and future implications of gene editing through a digital multi-arts approach.

Presented primarily via this online digital platform, we are incorporating machine learning techniques and a variety of cutting edge digital arts tools to look at bringing together research, data science, visual arts, sound and language into an experimental toolkit and set of frameworks to present to a wider public audience.

The project fosters an open dialogue between artists, disabled voices in the community and researchers that seeks to navigate the ethical, empirical and creative challenges around the sensitive topics, while bringing the artistic concepts and thoughts into a general public audience's hands for investigation and conversation.




The purpose of this project is to make tangible with visible/audible outputs, the ethical implications of emerging technologies in the biological sciences, in particular the field of CRISPR gene editing technology.

Gene editing technology, particularly CRISPR-cas9 has the ability to allow an incredible level of intervention into all aspects of living organisms on our planet. For the first time, we have the ability to alter, at the molecular level, genetic diseases and impact future generations with germ-line interventions. While these are fantastic advances in medical research, there are unknowable outcomes, such as the impact on delicate ecosystems both in the world at large and in our own human bodies, including the symbiotic relationship with bacteria upon which we depend.

This project combines practice led research methods with data science from genetics research units exploring the emerging technology of CRISPR*.  In the short term the project will include the development of a virtual experience using web and game technology platforms, and an evolving website of experiments that further conversation beyond the scope of the project, in the long term we plan to develop a large-scale art installation. 


Forging links within the artistic and scientific communities to work towards shared goals of common language and working practices.


Open discussion and shared dialogue with the wider public


Working with a wide range of groups for true authentic responses.


Find out why this project has been undertaken and the reasoning behind


Find out about the types of work we are exploring and creating


Find out about the team behind the project

Unnatural Selection...

Man-machine interfaces may allow humans to live much longer. What will happen when we transfer parts of our "selves" into clones, into stored cells and machines?

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