What is this Project all about?

We are looking to explore the relationship between STEM and the arts, where we will try to find a common vocabulary, a toolkit for shared understanding, to ease the tension that exists between the science and the humanities in the communicating of scientific data to a general public.

We are aware that sci-art collaborations often focus on the evolution or enhancement of artistic practice, or the illustrating of scientific data.  For this project, we hope to achieve a true collaboration, giving the scientists the desire and freedom and confidence to move beyond purely empirical representation. The rationale being that the general public have had years, decades of being fed information on the sciences and technology from fiction and media outlets, which focus on the very negative elements of experimental science. Data driven representation does not work as a form of communication to a general public. As is highlighted in recent times with the Covid pandemic the populous rhetoric appeals far more than the scientific rigour, fear plays a large role in this, so communication that is shaped by multiple disciplinary perspectives allows us to present the unknown, the unanswerable, a way to communicate that science is a constant form of interrogation.

We want to use the combined creative power and excellence in the arts and sciences to collaborate and understand better the world around us. By delving into scientific fact and research, challenging perceptions and theories and performing cross disciplinary experiments, we hope to expand the way in which research is represented, and further, add diverse voices to the ongoing conversations around the subject matter.