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We are At Edinburgh Explorathon 2021

We are so delightef to be presenting, for the first time, our research so far Evolving Ourselves with Unnatural Selection at Explorathon 2021 on the 24th of September, 4pm UK time. For more info about what we’re doing and what else is happening at ED Explorathon 2021 Click Here To register at Eventbrite Click Here What We’re Doing Have you ever wondered about the ethical implications of emerging technologies? We hear more and more in the news about gene editing […]

Sound Design for our Biodomes

We’ve been looking at how we can create a soundscape for each of our domes which reflect the themes within. This is quite a difficult concept as we are exploring 5 very complex ideas: curing diseases, eradicating diseases, making a better version of you, editing and adapting species for climate change and resurrecting extinct species. So how do you create a soundscape for these themes in our domes. Linda has been working with the scenarios we are creating for the […]

Finally Getting Together

So we just completed our first residency get together, as a research team, to begin to design and develop the next stage of our project, the online interactive questionnaire. We spent three days in a remote location in the Yorkshire Moors talking, walking, eating and working together. It felt both normal and really weird to be in person and not looking at each other on a screen (we hadn’t seen each other IRL for nearly two year, TWO YEARS)… This […]