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Developing the Focus Group

Developing the focus group questions We have spent the past two months creating a set of questions for our 5 focus groups. We plan on working with groups located in a variety of areas, and have set up a number of collaborative partnerships to help us with that. We are working with ROTA (Race on the Agenda), GA (Genetic Alliance), our own networks for an artist led focus group, and with the IGC (International Genetics and Cancer research unit). We […]

Science Fact and Fiction

Talking, reading and more talking This project began with a set of objectives, the primary one being to educate ourselves about a particular area of science, gene editing technology, to understand the ethics surrounding this scientific research, and how scientific discoveries/research etc., is communicated to different publics. We also wanted to explore how science has been told through fiction from comics to films and novels, as a lot of people become interested in the sciences or learn some of their […]